Raising kids have always been one of the most dreaded, yet joyful experiences of all time. Raising kids during a time of digital revolution is even more terrifying! Its almost time when parents can be replaced by robots! And yet, the human bond is the most magical and mysterious forces in the world (ask any mom!).I am one such mom , hailing from simple times, when watching the sunrise took my breath away…. or walking into a garden of blooms made me want to dance. With slight alarm I realize that today ,the sunrise and garden blooms are all caught in a virtual bubble. A bubble that is ready to suck our kids in as soon as they are out of the cradle. So this blog is a humble attempt to gently lead kids to those spectacular sunrises and those vibrant blooms. To nurture creativity  amidst the digital chaos that surrounds them in Today’s world. We are so dependent on a variety of gadgets to navigate through life that it is impossible to just toss it in the trash and claim to live the old fashioned way.We just cannot deny the fact that these digital toys sure make our lives a lot easier, so my intent is to find a balance. To help our children make an informed choice, so they can live fulfilling ,creative lives and not end up becoming a slave to their gadgets and drown in digital chaos.


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