7 ways to stimulate your child’s brain

Wonderful post by my dear friend Sumira who runs an early child learning center which is rooted in respect and child led creative play.

rattle n bounce

Many parents worry about whether they’re giving their children enough stimulation and experiences. In the bargain they tend to overdo things and overstimulate the child, which does not allow the child to benefit from the experience. Positive stimulation is all about finding a balance that’s right for your child. It is also about connecting and spending quality time with your toddler, without getting too worked up about packing the time with a hundred different activities.

So is your child getting enough stimulation? Check out our list on top ways to best stimulate your child:


  1. Give them real life experiences: In order to grasp a good general knowledge of the world children need to learn through experiences. There is a world of knowledge to be gained by activities like your child spending time with you in the kitchen, rolling out rotis alongside you, or shelling peas. Plastic non-messy play food can…

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