With the dawn of the digital age, life has sure become easier, convenient and packed with information.

Communication has taken an entirely new Avatar and information is sneaked into unsuspecting minds day and night through various means.

Information, that is sometimes not necessary and more times not needed by our children. A lot of studies and research have been done and lots of papers published about the harms that The digital age can have on young minds but unfortunately it has become a necessary evil that we just have to learn to live with. With laptops and computers occupying a significant place in school classrooms and other places of education, it is impossible to entirely shield children from The digital wave and so the least we can do is strike a healthy balance. As a mother of two boisterous boys,I am constantly in search of means and methods to bring back the childhood we enjoyed not so long ago. The slow ,dreamy, creative kind. This blog is an attempt to share my journey of finding creativity amidst the digital chaos that surrounds our kids today .A daily attempt to pull them into a lazy summer afternoon, where all they need to do is dream, blow bubbles and wonder at nature’s beauty before the digital monster creeps up from behind and swallows them!

Stay tuned for creative ideas, tips ,tricks and all kinds of hacks to bring back a little bit of creativity into our kids lives so life can be a celebration and not a video game.


2 thoughts on “Digital Monster

  1. I’m with you! I cringe every time my kids ask to watch a video or use my phone. I sigh sadly every time I’m reminded of the fact that one day they will have a phone and computer of their own and they won’t be asking for permission either. And my heart sings with joy each time I see their nose buried in a book. The problem is that they see their parents so dependent on these gadgets for work, that it seems impossible to keep them away from the digital chaos. Even though we don’t watch TV at all! So I really need your tips and tricks! Great initiative! Looking forward to your posts.

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    1. Thank you for being with me on this journey! Yes, all these gadgets have sneaked into our lives and become such an integral part of us that its nearly impossible to completely do away with them and so all we can do is think of innovative ways to balance the scale for the sake of our children.


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